Gideon Putnam Resort History

Roosevelt Baths & Spa History

Roosevelt Baths & Spa For more than a century, sophisticated travelers flocked to Saratoga Springs, New York to soak in the region’s culture and charm, as well as the area’s famed, soothing mineral waters. By the mid 1800’s, bathing in the mineral waters had become a common health treatment with many bath-houses in operation in Saratoga Springs. In the closing decades of the 19th century, as artificially carbonated water became popular, gas companies began recovering carbonic gas from some of the springs, seriously depleting the natural flow of the water. In 1909, the New York State Legislature created the State Reservation to oversee the preservation of the mineral springs for future generations.

The Historic Roosevelt Baths & Spa opened in 1935 as a bathhouse – part of the Saratoga Spa complex, which includes the Gideon Putnam hotel. The Spa was renovated and reopened in the summer of 2004. By bringing a touch of the future into the past, we have made it modernly convenient to revive the incredible tradition of “taking the cure.”

Today, guests still travel from around the country to indulge in the mineral springs at the Roosevelt Baths & Spa. Regular bathing in mineral springs is an important factor in preventive health care. Using the mineral springs for wellness is both physically and psychologically beneficial – helping to reduce stress and strengthen the over-all functioning of the body.


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"It was a lovely and gracious resort and I wished that I had more time there. It was very convenient to the town of Saratoga Springs and the Victorian street festival was a bonus. I live in an area that has mostly national retailers and it was refreshing to be able to shop in so many unique local retailers."  ”

– Eileen