GreenPath® is Delaware North's Commitment to Stewardship.

GreenPath environmental management systemLong before green was fashionable, Delaware North set about the task of establishing an environmental management system to help protect the parks and resorts in its care. It has helped us divert thousands of tons from the solid waste stream, save millions of gallons of water, reduce energy consumption and devise new and better ways of doing things.  Now in place across all five Delaware North divisions, including The Gideon Putnam in Upstate New York, GreenPath® is helping us lead the way in the hospitality industry. And if accolades from our guests and the 40-plus awards GreenPath® has won are any indication, it is by far one of our most successful endeavors of late.

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Five Key Branches of GreenPath at The Gideon Putnam

Five key branches of GreenPath at the Gideon Putnam Hotel

Environmental Management

  • Compost - we diverted 38.5 tons of food waste from the landfill in our first year of the program. Switched all to-go products to compostable.
  • Recycling - we re-vamped our Guestroom and Public Space recycling.
  • Our solid waste decreased from 111 tons in 2015 to 73 tons in 2016, and alternately, our zero-sort recycling increased from 16 tons in 2015 to 29 tons in 2016.
  • Clean the World - to date, we have collected nearly 4,000 lbs of waste, resulting in 12,653 new bars of soap and 3,105 bottles of shampoo redistributed to hygiene kits.
  • Biofuel - installed a 200 gallon kitchen waste oil containment unit. Approximately 60 gallons per month are collected from us, and converted to biofuel.
  • Installed two Tesla and one Universal Electric Vehicle charging stations.
  • Per law, we recycle waste paint, bulbs, ballasts, batteries, electronic waste... plus creative things like wine corks, holiday lights, and guitar strings when we held guitar camp at the hotel.
  • In 2017 we found a partner and recycled 2,000 lbs of textiles: uniforms, banquet linens, sheets, towels, and blankets.
  • Diverted 600+ guestroom pillows from the landfill. Through donation, many of those pillows will be re-purposed into filling for dog beds.
  • Donated 1,000 lbs of sheets, towels and blankets to The Giving Circle, for Hurricanes Harvey & Irma relief.
  • Installed a water bottle filling station.
  • In every guestroom, water conservation and linen re-use cards encourage water savings.

Community Involvement

  • Since taking over management of The Gideon Putnam in 2008, Delaware North has given more than $200,000 worth of in-kind donations to local and Buffalo-based charitable organizations. We have also given more than $125,000 in sponsorships to local cultural institutions.
  • Each year, The Gideon Putnam hosts an EarthDay event for local middle school students. We tour Saratoga Spa State Park and taste the famous mineral springs, we plant a pine tree, and enjoy a healthy lunch in Putnam's Restaurant.

Facilities and Asset Protection

  • Delaware North has committed $20M toward capital improvements of both The Gideon Putnam and Roosevelt Baths & Spa.
  • In 2016, we renovated our Ballroom/Conference Center, and recycled 3,180 lbs of ceiling tile through Armstrong World Industries, and 6,880 lbs of post-consumer carpeting through Shaw Industries. In the conference bathrooms, we got rid of paper towels and installed blade hand dryers.
  • In 2017-18, as we continue to renovate the corridors and guestrooms, we will recycle carpeting and 100+ cast iron tubs.
  • In 2017-18 we will be installing roughly 100 energy-efficient HVAC units.
  • We have switched most of our lighting to LED.

Healthy Living

  • More than 60 treatments, including the world-famous mineral baths, available seven days a week at our Roosevelt Baths & Spa.
  • Weekly Wellness Activities: Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, and Boot Camp.
  • Wellness Weekend Retreats offered at least twice per year.
  • Add wellness and relaxation to any meeting: healthy meals, chair massage breaks, spa services and mineral baths, meditation, yoga, interpretive walks through Saratoga Spa State Park, wellness seminars led by experts in their fields focusing on greater health and wellbeing.
  • Green Meetings: healthy local eating, compost bins, recycling bins, skip the use of water/soda bottles, plastic utensils and single-serve anything for a zero-waste meeting.

Interpretation and Education

  • In 2017, we started regular Facebook posts called "Today in GreenPath® News" to highlight not only our sustainable achievements, but also environmental stories from our community and around the globe.
  • Awards: Leadership Tier for NYSDEC Environmental Leaders, Silver for TripAdvisor Green Leaders, and Silver for Audubon International Green Lodging.

Gideon Putnam Environmental Awards

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