Spas in Saratoga Springs NY

Health and wellness are hallmarks of The Gideon Putnam experience. Our hotel is located in the heart of Saratoga Spa State Park, which was purposely set aside to preserve the healing mineral waters. Surrounded by hiking trails, springs, geysers and streams, The Gideon Putnam is more than just a hotel, it is a retreat from daily life. Within the park, just a short walk or ride from The Gideon Putnam, artfully designed and rich with healing energy is the Roosevelt Baths & Spa. The Roosevelt offers restoring services focused on the renowned Saratoga mineral water bathing tradition.

Woman relaxing in a bath tub.

Humans have long recognized the restorative powers of this land. Native Americans began the tradition of “taking the waters” at Saratoga. They believed their god, Manitou, touched these springs to charge them with powerful healing energy.

The core experience has changed very little over the years. Out of great respect for its spa traditions, The Gideon Putnam offers guests an authentic experience at neighboring Roosevelt Baths & Spa. We invite you to visit and see how the past inspires the present.

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